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Basic Terms of Contract between PCS and Eagle Water

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The contract provides that Eagle Water shall offer a reasonable preferred opportunity to purchase water to municipalities, public water utilities and public water districts, and commercial and industrial entities in Eastern North Carolina within the 15 counties of the proposed CCPCUA before offering water to parties outside of the CCPCUA; provided Eagle Water may discuss the possibility of offering water with such parties outside the CCPCUA while it is offering such opportunity to parties within the CCPCUA.  If sufficient contracts for water cannot be implemented in a reasonable time period with parties within the CCPCUA, then Eagle Water will offer water to municipalities and public water utilities customers outside the CCPCUA.  We are currently actively pursuing potential customers outside this area, including municipalities in the Raleigh area. Eagle Water's twenty-year agreement with PCS (which is indefinitely renewable) contains provisions to ensure that a high-quality, long-term and uninterupted water supply will be maintained for our customers.  The projected life of the mine is in excess of 70 years 

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